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Situational Leadership - WBT by Pink University

Skill Training (WBT): Situational Leadership

Learning Objectives
  • Being able to apply the model “leading by maturity level”/”situational leadership” in everyday management practice
  • Recognizing what “maturity level” the employees are at
  • Adjusting leadership methods to your staff’s maturity level
  • Getting staff members with fading motivation back on board
  • Protecting motivated but inexperienced employees against excessive demands
  • Giving highly motivated employees freedoms without losing sight of the goals



Multimedia e-learning, dramatization of the subject matter in film scenes, building a knowledge base with explanatory films, consolidating lessons learned through exercises, building expertise with exercises, final test

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Target Group
  • Managers who are coming up against their limitations with regard to the motivation and performance of their team
  • Young managers who want to and are expected to apply the concept of maturity levels in practice
Course Duration

6 chapters that can be taken individually
approx. 45 minutes plus exercises

Excerpt from the Training Course “Situational Leadership”

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Course Contents

1 The “Maturity Level Model”

2 Leading with the instructional style

3 Leading with the guiding style

4 Leading with the participative style

5  Leading with the delegating style

6 Recognising the maturity level

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