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Pawlik stands for action-oriented human resources and organizational development

Pink University’s shareholder is the Hamburg-based Pawlik Consultants GmbH, specialists in HR and one of Germany’s largest training companies. It has more than 300 trainers and consultants deployed worldwide for international corporations and German medium-sized enterprises. Working at sites in more than 60 countries, the trainers and consultants keep a close finger on the pulse of the market and customers. Together with Pawlik, Pink University has developed integrated Blended Learning in practical application.

Digital + analog = blended

Agile human resources development requires a connection between in-person training and digital learning. Pedagogists from Pawlik and Pink University are therefore working together in the development of integrated learning paths and learning programs. In all this, the goal is to develop the competencies of participants in ways that are measurable and sustainable. In these Blended Learning scenarios, certified Blended Learning trainers take up the e-learning and WBT content. And in the WBTs, participants have the opportunity to try out and apply their newly acquired knowledge in workplace learning, with the aid of transfer tasks. Trainers work as learning guides alongside participants to support them throughout the learning program, as they develop their capacity step by step.

Scientific and holistic

Pawlik offers companies methods, tools, and manpower for holistic human resources development. Development needs in the areas of agile working, agile leadership, general leadership, and sales are identified with the aid of the scientifically developed “scan” for measuring competencies. The scan is used by “Pawlik Recruiters” to provide you with useful and productive support when searching for personnel. “Pawlik Consultants” is a human resources development partner with more than 300 trainers and consultants providing effective training, even in large-scale projects. And the organizational development department works with companies in the positioning, alignment, and creation of new markets.

At home in Hamburg, active around the world

Pawlik sites

For the most part, Pawlik customers are active worldwide. And for this reason, trainers and consultants also work on site to assist customers in mastering global challenges. To ensure the highest levels of performance, Pawlik works with the customer to develop a customized and coherent system enabling sustainable achievement of the company’s goals. A development process like this is generally medium-term, and therefore the primary focus is on building the capacity and skills of employees. They are expected to achieve this sustainability on their own in a step-by-step process involving the appropriate system modules for human resources development.

Pawlik is a human resources development partner with expertise in all key areas

  • Recruiting experts
  • HR management
  • Personnel diagnostics
  • Process management
  • Talent management
  • Sales excellence
  • Digital HR solutions
  • Culture change
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Learning architecture
  • Leadership performance
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