Know Team Roles and Make Them Productive – E-Learning

Know Team Roles and make them productive

Know Team Roles and Make Them Productive (videobased e-learning course)

Learning objectives of the skill training about knowing team roles and making them productive:

  • Understanding the basic principles of motivation
  • Recognizing and being able to eliminate demotivation among staff members
  • Being able to create incentives tailored to individual employees
  • Making effective use of key staff-motivation tools
  • Structuring job descriptions in a motivating way

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Chapter 1: Get to know the various roles in the team

Chapter 2: Understand the task-oriented roles and make the productive

Chapter 3: Understand thought and problem-solving roles and make them productive

Chapter 4: Understand people-oriented roles and make them prooductive

Chapter 5: Promote understanding and appreciation of role differences

Have a look at the learning video of the first chapter now!


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Methods of the e-learning “Know Team Roles and Make Them Productive”

  • Multimedia e-learning
  • Training videos
  • Overviews
  • Checklists
  • Templates
  • Learning Questions
  • Final test

Target Group within the company

  • Employees who lead agile and/or virtual project teams
  • Junior managers who are new to their management roles

Usage in the Learning Management System

  • You have an LMS? We send you the training course packaged for SCORM, to facilitate its integration into your LMS
  • You don’t have an LMS? Make the e-learning courses available to your staff simply and effectively at the e-learning platform of Pink University

Course Duration

Approximately 60 minutes

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