Interactive tests

Many formats, one aim: effective training courses!

We use a wide range of formats to create video training materials – for example interactive videos, studio or location filming, scribing, screencasts and much more. Which formats are used in individual cases depends on the purpose and content of the training course. It is usually a good idea to combine several formats with one another. The aim is always to create effective learning material, which lastingly conveys knowledge.

Interactive tests: learning questions and final tests

Interactive tests, such as learning questions and final tests, are part of the standard program for Pink University’s web-based training courses. These are complementary formats. They are used to check whether the desired learning objectives have been achieved and, if necessary, to identify knowledge gaps. Multiple-choice questions, drag & drop, mouse cursor hotspots, text input – many question types are possible for interactive tests. With all of these additional formats, it is important to optimally coordinate the interactive tests with the learning objectives, and to find the right balance between “too difficult” and “too easy”.