E-Learning / How to Give a Presentation

E-Learning: How to Give a Presentation

E-Learning How to Give a Presentation

Learning objectives

  • Presenting professionally in a business related context
  • Defining the key message
  • Preparing information in an excellent way
  • Tailoring to the target group
  • Addressing different types of people in the audience
  • Knowing how to visualize effectively
  • Knowing how to react in challenging situations
Methods of the eLearning

Multimedia e-learning, dramatization of the subject matter in film scenes, building a knowledge base with explanatory films, consolidating lessons learned through exercises, building expertise with exercises, final test

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Target Group

Everyone who wants to learn the basics of a professional and effective presentation in front of their team members, supervisors or in other corporate contexts.
Experienced managers who want to refresh their presentation skills.

Course Duration

10 chapters that can be taken individually
learning time approx. 85 minutes

Excerpt from the Training Course “How to Give a Presentation”

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Course Contents

1 Know your audience

2 Setting goals and defining the core message of the presentation

3 Planning dramatic composition

4 Visualizing effectively

5 Using Powerpoint effectively

6 Using flipcharts in a presentation

7 Room preparation and equipment check

8 Presenting in a lively and confident manner

9 Communicating effectively

10 Handling tricky situations during a presentation

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