Explanatory video

Many formats, one aim: effective training courses!

We use a wide range of formats to create video training materials – for example, interactive videos, studio or location filming, scribing, screencasts and much more. Which formats are used in individual cases depends on the purpose and content of the training course. It is usually a good idea to combine several formats with one another. The aim is always to create effective learning material, which lastingly conveys knowledge.

Animated infographics for explanatory videos

Animated infographics are perfect for use in a so-called explanatory video. An explanatory video is a short film that conveys complex or abstract relationships and processes in an easily understandable way. This is exactly where the strengths of a well-made infographic lies. If animated graphics are used in an explanatory video, the retention performance is significantly higher than with static graphics. This is because participants can see, step by step, how a complex whole is made up of individual parts or how a flowchart, for example, develops. When designing animated infographics, the principle of reduction always applies. Other rules of thumb are: illustrations should be as two-dimensional as possible, the use of color should be targeted and economical, and small-scale representations should be avoided. On this basis, the infographics that are used in the explanatory video can be adapted to the customer’s corporate design, if desired.