Enacted scenes

Many formats, one aim: effective training courses!

We use a wide range of formats to create video training materials – for example, interactive videos, studio or location filming, scribing, screencasts and much more. Which formats are used in individual cases depends on the purpose and content of the training. It is usually a good idea to combine several formats with one another. The aim is always to create effective learning material, which lastingly conveys knowledge.

Enacted scenes

Enacted scenes are ideal if the desired communicative behavior in professional situations is part of the training. We recommend only hiring trained actors to appear in enacted scenes. In enacted scenes, it is important to repeat certain sentences in exactly the same way several times, and to use the same facial expressions and gestures again and again (so that the best shots can be edited together during post production. Experience has shown that only professional actors can do that. As a rule of thumb, about 10 minutes of footage for the final enacted scenes can be filmed during a full-day shoot with two actors.


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