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E-Learning / Understanding Digitalization

E-Learning Understanding digitalization

E-Learning Understanding Digitalization

Learning objectives

  • Recognizing the essential drivers of digitalization
  • Becoming familiar with the term VUCA and the associated diagnosis of time
  • Understanding the impact of digitalization on traditional business models
  • Recognizing that successes from the past are not automatically perpetuated
  • Understanding customer centricity as a consequence of digitalization

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Chapter 1:  Out with the old, in with the new

Chapter 2: Welcome to the VUCA world

Chapter 3: From a market leader to a museum piece

Chapter 4: Success in the Digital Age

Chapter 5: The doctor under your skin

Chapter 6: Power to the customer

Chapter 7: What is the next step?

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Target Group within the company

  • Employees who are to be made fit for digitalization.
  • Teams analyzing their area with regard to digitalization
  • Employees who need to be sensitized to new challenges
  • Managers who are looking for new paths, customers and markets


  • Professional moderation
  • Video Lectures
  • Study questions
  • Transfer tasks
  • Key messages
  • Final test

Further Information

  • Processing time: approx. 27 minutes
  • Certification: yes
  • Language: English


  • Learning Management System: We deliver the e-trainings SCORM-packaged for easy integration into your LMS
  • Cloud-based solution: We make the e-trainings easily available to your employees on our e-learning platform

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