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Our mission – e-learning and digital courses for enthusiastic participants

Are you looking for an e-learning provider for the digital expansion of your training courses and digital transformation of your in-company training? Do you want to create new and sustainable learning arrangements with high-quality Blended Learning courses? Do you want to offer your colleagues and employees digital training that really matters? Then Pink University is absolulely the right choice for being your e-learning provider. We use our video-based formats to give emotional depth to the content and spur participant motivation for self-learning. You can easily test and try it out for yourself to see if it works and how. Just send us an e-mail or give us a call and we will provide you with a free trial account to use as a human resources manager.

This is PINK

Pink University is an innovative award-winning e-learning provider. We specialize in the didactic development and meticulous, high quality production of video-based, interactive training media. The goal is to create learning media that employees find enjoyable and brings them success. Content is focused on sustainable employee development in horizontal skills with interdisciplinary application. The e-learning provider Pink University can be found at two sites in Germany: in Munich and in Hamburg. And we also welcome an opportunity to visit you in person. Call us at: 089 5 47 27 84-10 or write us an email. We eagerly await your projects and look forward to the opportunity for our standard content to be used to inspire and motivate your employees.

Take a look around!

Pink University, the e-learning provider, extends you a warm welcome.

We are an e-learning provider, so why are we pink of all things?

PINK is a statement that we are breaking new ground as an e-learning provider and bringing more color into further education.

At the same time, PINK is an acronym that, for us, stands for the four characteristics of our company:

Professional – We offer top quality in everything from consulting to project management and, of course, in how it is applied in terms of content, filming, and technical know-how.

Innovative – We use the latest findings from research about learning and apply the most efficient and state of the art methods, concepts, content, and techniques in online learning.

Nimble – We are eager to learn about the multifaceted challenges that our customers face in training and to find a good, well-tailored solution in every case.

Know-how – As an e-learning provider, we are experts in the transformation of complex subject matter, applications, and processes into easily understandable learning media.

We see ourselves as a university because we work in interdisciplinary teams to rigorously question and continually develop content, technologies, and their application. Our goal is always to provide learners with the best possible digital learning media and thus offer companies the most effective form of further education. Effective means:

  • The training media is being used
  • The content is understandable and put into action
  • Training can be carried out quickly and flexibly
  • Costs are commensurate with benefits

And who is behind it all?

Pink University was founded in Munich by Britta Kroker and Dr. Sven Murmann in 2011. As an e-learning provider specializing in video learning, Pink University aims to contribute to the digital transformation of professional development. Pink University is supported by a team of editors, pedagogists, media graphic designers, film directors, camera operators, sound engineers, cutters, designers, programmers, software experts, and corporate learning consultants. In 2018, Pawlik Consultants, the Hamburg-based training and HR consulting company, joined Pink University as shareholder. The aim is to offer effective further education to companies and human resources developers, all from a single source.

Today, Pink University’s products and expertise are employed by major international companies. In addition to Germany, we also provide our e-training courses worldwide. As an award-winning e-learning provider, Pink University is a permanent fixture in Germany’s e-learning and further education landscape.

Three areas, one theme: sustainable learning

Standard content: Pink University, the e-learning provider, has developed standard content for self-directed skills development from beginning to end of the core competencies represented by personal, social, methodological, and technical expertise. The Compact Seminar and Competence Training formats specially developed for this purpose have won several awards, and most recently received an “Honorable Mention” at the International E-Learning Award in New York. Around 60 of these digital training media are currently available to companies for integration into their LMS or for use in the PINK Learning World.

Blended Learning:  Today, when one speaks about Blended Learning, it goes hand-in-hand with a new understanding of e-learning and face-to-face training. In this concept, e-learning must enable and support self-directed learning. Blended Learning is more than merely adding on e-learning in the form of “learning materials” before or after face-to-face training sessions. Blended Learning takes the learning event to make it a learning process. In this scenario, e-learning serves as a way of encouraging participants to reflect on their action routines. For its part, face-to-face training is becoming more diversified and similarly is being moved partly online. We are now talking about “synchronous” formats. These are formats in which participants meet each other with or without their learning guide. Real and online locations are equally good as meeting venues. Reflections from the self-learning phases are then taken up with learning guides and trainers to be explored more deeply in the group or 1:1. In this way, learning paths can be created that enable participants to build their skills along structured lines.

Here, our e-learning experts write about the digital transformation of further education



What others say about Pink University, the Munich-based e-learning provider



“Pink University is again setting new standards for how video-based microlearning can be made effective and efficient.”

Dr. Marko Ivanišin, member of the International Jury for Presentation of the EduMedia Comenius Medal to Pink University

Are we the right e-learning provider for you as well?

The answer to this question is easy: try it out! We are as transparent as the waters of a mountain lake. If you are interested in our e-learning courses, e-learning production, or Blended Learning programs, give us a call or send us an email. If you are the HR manager of a company, we will be delighted to activate our trial access to an e-learning course for you or even to our full range of courses. Put all our content and features through their paces and see for yourself. If what you think is: this is exactly how further education works with e-learning, these are exactly the courses we want to provide employees, and this is absolutely what e-learning should look like in companies today – then we will gladly send you either a Scorm-based data package for integrating the courses into your LMS, or we will activate an e-learning course for your employees, or even open up the entire e-learning library in the Pink Learning World.