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For companies, digitization of in-house training poses great challenges. We support personnel managers and HR professionals with sustainable e-learning content for employee development. Pink University has developed innovative, award-winning competence training courses. Using these, we offer e-learning courses that will get your employees excited – e-learning for equals.

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Standard e-learning content on the topic of Agile Skills

Standard e-learning content on the topic of Leadership

Can anyone learn to lead with training videos? Yes, definitely! Our competence training vividly describes the basic methods for your employees and employs transfer tasks to instruct them in how these methods are applied in everyday life. This is e-learning content that enables people to build their skills and competence progressively over time. And in the compact seminars, participants are given concentrated input on key topics from the field of leadership. In addition, all e-learning courses on leadership are SCORM-compatible and can easily be integrated into a learning management system (LMS). We will be pleased to provide company HR managers with test packages. That way you can be sure that the LMS integration will work.

Standard e-learning content on the topic of Communication

Video based e-learning vividly shows users how communication works and how it is being received. The competence training supports development of skills and competence with the aid of role plays, exercises, and transfer tasks. And in the compact seminars, we enable participants to build up their knowledge on selected topics quickly and effectively. All e-learning courses can be integrated per SCORM into your company’s learning management system (LMS) or can be taken on the Pink University e-learning platform.

Standard e-learning content on the topic of Soft Skills

Here, you will find knowledge input in the thematic area of Soft Skills that will work effectively for your employees. The fact that anyone is at all able to acquire Soft Skills by e-learning is because we have expanded the scope of traditional WBT. Our e-learning courses are ALL video based. That’s why they are suited to sustainable learning. Easy SCORM integration into every LMS (okay, into nearly every LMS). (Just a little tip for corporate LMS buyers: Make sure you will have a free hand in selecting your content. Scorm-compatibility is a must!)

Standard-E-Learning Content on the topic of Methods

Standard-E-Learning Content on the topic of Train the Trainer

Standard e-learning content on the topic of Sales

With Making Initial Contact, Building Relationships, Identifying Needs, Arguing Benefits, Countering Objections, and Closing Deals, we can offer you practical competence training covering the six core phases of each and every sales process. In the development of the content and didactics of these competence training courses, we collaborated closely with pedagogists and training developers from Pawlik. And together with Pawlik’s more than 150 trainers, we also offer preconfigured Blended Learning programs. In addition, in the Sales category, you will find video lectures featuring professionals such as Andreas Buhr and Hans Uwe L. Köhler. All e-learning courses are Scorm-compatible and suited to all good LMS (see above).

Standard e-learning content on the topic of Health & Fitness

Intervertebral disc exercises, burn-out prevention, stress resistance or general fitness – the Pink University Health & Fitness e-learning courses provide employees with important advice on how to treat oneself in ways that are both healthy and sustainable. The video format offers a low threshold for many employees and therefore serves as a valued introduction to topics that some would otherwise prefer to avoid. What comes packaged as e-learning turns out to be a mobile gym. Just click on an e-learning course and get started.

English language e-training courses with Chinese subtitles

Providing effective training for employees and managers using high-quality web-based training courses

Despite being the best-known form of e-learning content, WBTs are not exactly a high priority for many employees. The reason for this is that WBTs are often produced without real care and are derided as machines mindlessly churning out boring text that employees have to click through at weekends. Sustainable learning looks different. And so does modern e-learning content. At Pink University, we concentrate on topics that cannot be “prescribed,” and so we have developed new, innovative formats. We want your employees to be enthusiastic and attracted to life-long learning by the use of effective digital training media. Under our basic concept for digital training media, we have transformed WBT, or Web Based Training, into WBVT, i.e. Web Based Video Training. That means we have made moving images the focus of everything we do. This is not by accident. Many studies have found that when knowledge is transferred using moving images, it is retained longer. We also know this from our school days: learning from experiments stays in our memory. This is just like what happens when images on a board take shape step by step. These are vital insights for application in e-learning content that gets buy-in from employees. In turn, we have developed two different formats, based on this revamping of Web Based Training (WBT) into Web Based Video Training.

  1. The compact seminar: employees receive concentrated input delivered by renowned experts. The experts present their topics in 60 to a maximum of 90 minutes. To ensure that everything stays on track, we went along with all these trainers and experts and developed a script together with them. The end-result of this process is a structured transfer of knowledge taking place with the aid of training videos lasting about 10 minutes. Each of these compact seminars consist of about 10 of these brief training videos and concludes with a learning test.
  2. The second format is competence training that we produce specifically for self-organized or self-directed competence development. We build awareness on matters related to the topic through realistic acting scenes in real environments. Lastly, practice games, self-tests, and consolidation ensure a firm anchoring of what has been learned. And the transfer tasks ultimately help to build the practical competence for action in everyday situations.

We have been honored with many awards for both learning formats. What particularly spurs us forward is the feedback from HR developers working in everything from medium-sized companies to international conglomerates that attest to the sustainability of our digital training media. Not only that, but we are even more delighted at the feedback we have received directly from employees of the companies. They are happy that at least they have e-learning content right before them, that they can truly learn from.