Blended Learning

Blended learning for effective employee development


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The foundations for effective blended learning

Blended learning describes the intertwining of e-learning and face-to-face training. Three points are essential for successful learning:

  1. The quality of the e-learning parts
  2. The quality of the face-to-face training parts
  3. The integrated learning pathway

Blended learning is not about the preparation and follow-up of face-to-face training. It means developing a learning path that systematically leads the participants to meeting their targets. On this learning path, self-learning phases alternate with face-to-face phases. In the self-learning phases, participants build their knowledge on the basis of multimedia e-learning. They are also encouraged to scrutinize behavioral routines. In the face-to-face phases, the results and findings of the self-study phases are consolidated.

More than e-learning

The e-learning parts of blended learning are characterized by their skills orientation. Specialist content and theories are explained with the didactic aim of supporting the participants in developing their skills. The relevance and background of theories for everyday practice are shown. Participants are always encouraged to reflect on their experiences. They are also encouraged to expand their behavioral repertoire. Exercises, self-assessments and transfer tasks are used for this purpose. Pink University’s e-learning courses are video-based. Enacted scenes, which are filmed in real offices, are usually used as learning resources to accompany the development of horizontal skills within the company. This enables us to quickly achieve connectivity and credibility. The enacted scenes are analyzed and evaluated by professional moderators. Illustrative videos serve to illuminate the background. This means that a format is available to the participants that matches their viewing habits and requirements. All e-learning parts of our blended learning programs include exercises and tasks that are precisely tailored to the subsequent face-to-face training. Depending on a customer’s requirements, we use these modules to develop complete learning paths for tailor-made skills development.

More than face-to-face training

Face-to-face training is led by qualified and experienced trainers from PAWLIK Consultants. Face-to-face training is essentially about supporting participants as they develop their skills. By “face-to-face”, we mean the comprehensive presence of the trainer during the entire blended learning phase. “Face-to-face” also includes “online presence” in webinars, virtual classrooms, or 1:1 telephone coaching. In the face-to-face phases, trainers use the entire range of methods. One of their most important tasks is to make the participants’ self-reflection from the self-learning phases the focus of the group. Ideally, this will trigger a case discussion. The aim is to solve the “cases” collected and handled by the participants in the informal phases, or to work out possible solutions. Participants do not leave the face-to-face training sessions with abstract knowledge, but with an awareness of expanded behavioral dispositions and therefore the opportunity to discover new ways of finding solutions. The work of the trainers from PAWLIK Consultants is based on years of experience and the scientific concept of action control according to Julius Kuhl. On this basis, trainer’s guides for effective and efficient training have been developed along a differentiated competence matrix – which in turn have been incorporated into Pink University’s e-learning courses.

From a learning event to a learning process

Learning is a complex process. And following the discovery of the plasticity of the brain, we also know that it is a process that accompanies us for a lifetime. To adapt Watzlawick’s famous quote: “We can’t not learn”. Our task as educators, trainers and experts in in-company training is to initiate and support learning processes in a targeted manner. The aim of our work is always to develop alternative courses of action with participants, and to expand the behavioral repertoire.

This works best when the participants have the chance to combine new knowledge and new experiences with their previous knowledge and experiences. The more complex the requirements, the longer it takes to sustainably anchor new behaviors. We therefore offer blended learning paths that enable participants to sustainably build up knowledge, and to successfully acquire new behaviors. Learning new methods is alternated with reflecting on our own behavioral patterns and practicing alternatives. We use the whole range of options for this – from interactive e-learning to face-to-face training and intensive 1:1 coaching.

The blended learning paths created by Pink University and Pawlik Consultants have a modular structure and are individually adapted. On the one hand, standardization on a modular level guarantees high quality in all areas; and on the other hand, the rapid roll-out of large-scale measures with several hundred participants.

Two companies, one goal: the best blended learning path for sustainable in-company training

PAWLIK Consultants specializes in systematic personnel and organizational development in companies. Since 1996, PAWLIK has trained and coached over 250,000 people in 60 countries, and has supported the development processes of over 700 companies. More than 300 experienced consultants and employees, specializing in various areas of expertise, work in eight international locations and are ready to tackle the challenges faced by companies worldwide. PAWLIK supports you in optimally coordinating the interaction between people and your organization, and reaching peak performance levels. The skills-based PAWLIK learning system uses the latest findings from brain research and psychology. PAWLIK Consultants successfully works with customers from all industries and company sizes.

Logo    Pink University is a pioneer and innovator in the field of e-learning. Today, the company is a market leader in terms of quality. Its many awards and, above all, the feedback from participants is evidence of this. Following a one-year screening by one of Germany’s largest corporations, Pink University – with its video-based training media – was named “Best in Class”. Pink University’s in-house developments include online compact seminars and online skills training courses. With these formats, Pink University initially created e-learning courses that participants completed with enthusiasm.

Blended Learning

The advantages of blended learning for companies

  • High completion rates
  • Sustainable learning
  • Strong learner involvement
  • Self-guided learning phases with e-training parts for learning at a self-determined time, at a self-determined pace
  • Synchronous formats for feedback, learning checks and exercises
  • Lower costs
  • Individual learner support
  • Learning through practice

If you would like to use this type of online learning and blended learning in your company, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer an extensive catalog of e-training courses that can be immediately integrated into your learning management system, or used in the PINK learning environment. We also have over 100 licenced blended learning trainers, who are very familiar with every single e-training course and take blended learning to a new level.

We are your point of contact if you

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  • want an inexpensive way of learning through e-training
  • value reliability and professionalism in online learning
  • are looking for a certified blended learning trainer
  • are rolling out international blended training courses
  • and want to rely on experts who specialize in web-based training, blended learning and e-training courses.

Does that sound interesting? Talk to us, and we can work together to develop a tailor-made package

We would be happy to send you a personal quote. Or you can request a test account so that you can take a look at all of our e-training courses. We would also be happy to show you references from HR decision-makers from large and international companies. The path to innovative digital further education and innovative learning concepts is short. All you have to do is contact us. Call us, or send us an e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you!