E-Learning / Developing an Agile Mindset

E-Learning developing an agile mindset

E-Learning Developing an Agile Mindset

Learning objectives

  • Understanding how mindsets shape our behavior
  • Understanding why mindsets should constantly be challenged and revised
  • Learning how to identify what kind of mindset you have
  • Identifying what kind of mindsets your team and company have
  • Learning what you can do to broaden the mindset of your team or company

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Chapter 1: There’s no time to wait

Chapter 2: The team is „on fire“

Chapter 3: Mindset makes all the difference

Chapter 4: Growth mindsets and fixed mindsets according to Carol Dweck

Chapter 5: Mindset and its role in the Declaration of Human and Civil Rights

Chapter 6: How control mindsets pose a risk in a company

Chapter 7: What makes an agile mindset

Chapter 8: A guide to developing an agile mindset

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Target Group within the company

  • Team members on the way to agile working
  • Employees of all hierarchy levels who are interested in the topic and want to identify and broaden their mindset


  • Mobile learning
  • Professional moderation
  • Video lectures
  • Study questions
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Transfer Tasks
  • Workbook
  • Key Messages
  • Final Test

Further Information

  • Processing time: approx. 62 minutes
  • Certification: yes
  • Language: English
  • Tags: Agile Skills, Trainings in English


  • Learning Management System: We deliver the e-trainings SCORM-packaged for easy integration into your LMS
  • Cloud-based solution: We make the e-trainings easily available to your employees on our e-learning platform

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